Top 10 coffee shops for a first date

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Top 10 coffee shops for a first date in Toronto Read More

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Milano Coffee in Toronto

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Milano Coffee is the first Toronto location for what’s already a Canadian coffee institution. The company’s operated three branded cafes in the Vancouver area for years – but, before that, it was known internationally for its prize-winning espresso blends, scoring numerous medals at international coffee competitions. Read More

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the milano taste

The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. The miscela, or blend, is at the heart of our taste. We often combine more than ten premium 100% Aribica coffee bean varietals from around the world in search of the perfect balance of body, flavour, sweetness, acidity and aroma.

Milano is proud to offer the only espresso tasting bars in Vancouver, where you can sample 8 different espressos at any given time. 

We’re dedicated to sourcing, hand roasting and blending each of our espressos, containing up to 13 different origin coffees. We put the same due diligence and passion into our pourover, drip and French press coffee blends. Our dark, medium, organic, and decafs deliver flavours found nowhere else in a brewed coffee blend.

Milano is a fervent supporter of small farm estate, fair trade and certified organic coffees. Although we first rate coffee by cup quality, at any given time there is up to 70% certified organic coffee beans in each of our blends.

Coffee Rock Stars: Indie Shops Stick it to Corporate Coffee Culture

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Robert Mangelsdorf of WE Vancouver writes, “Turko is one of a growing number of artisan coffeemakers who are finding success by following their passion for the bean.” read more

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tools of the trade

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Master Roaster Brian Turko shares his tools of the trade Read More

Chubby Rain

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Essential elements of coffee! This was created for the rainy west coast days. A big city roast with square edges. Tons of caramels, roasted for comfort. Created for milk based drinks—an ode to Caffe Latte lovers. Bold and a little roasty.

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7 single origin arabica coffees prevail a unified big, round, soft cup. Think sweet spiced cocoa, with hints of liquorice and toffee. A very clean fusion—sure to satisfy.

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la futura

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Perfect at 10 single origin arabica coffees. A luscious medium body, sweet and soft, with vanilla and cocoa. Finish has dried fruit, flowers, and evocative spice in the nose. It crescendos into a finish lingering with toffee.

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Lucky 13

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A rare offering of 13 distinctive single origins, this baby breaches tradition—world peace in a cup. This amalgamation of coffee is a carnival in your mouth, masterfully balanced with a flavour wheel of 13 single origins. The ultimate complex cup is a sublime balance of body, flavour, aroma and acidity, fruits, flowers, spices, nuts and cocoa!

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A hedonistic Espresso fusion of 10 single origin coffees. Rich, buttery, sublime texture and body that paints the pallet harmonizing the complex attributes of genuine espresso. A superbly balanced round and smooth cup with a full spectrum of flavours and coffee characteristics—fruits-nuts-spices-cocoa-caramel—ranked as the number one espresso in the 2014 competition.

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