A Message from the Roaster

Over 27 years ago what began as a simple quest to find good tasting espresso became the journey of a lifetime. This journey of education and truly humbling experiences took me from coffee lover, to café owner, to apprentice with a visionary world master espresso torrefazione. And although it introduced me to an Italian roasting tradition of craftsmanship and technology that only few in the world possess, the most impressive lesson was to always remember that it's the coffee lover (with whom I still count myself) that I roast for. Without you my cup would, indeed, be empty.

Brian Turko, Master Roaster

The Milano Difference

The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. This distinguished taste comes from the skill of the torrefazzioni – a secret method roasting and blending, closely guarded, personally taught, and handed down generation to generation. Our lineage of Musetti, Curatolo, and now Turko brings the family owned and operated Casa Torrefazione (house roaster and blender) into the twenty-first century.

The miscela, or blend, is at the heart of our taste. While many attempt it, there are very few outside of Italy that can masterfully balance and harmonize 100% Arabica coffee into 9-10-11 (or even 12) bean blends. This is extremely rare in the coffee industry and we offer this to the coffee lover as an experience that sets Milano Coffee apart.

Espresso: The Real Deal

Espresso and espresso-based drinks are the primary source of income for many cafes. The quality of the espresso often distinguishes one café from the other. Most crucial to any great espresso is the quality of the blend. The number of different coffees needed to make a great blend usually vary between 6 - 12. This expertise is at the heart of Milano Coffee Roasters. Since 1984, we have followed the Italian method of roasting and blending and have crafted an extraordinary array of world-class espresso blends.

From rich to mellow, and from bold to sweet and lively, all our blends are exquisitely balanced for flavour, body, acidity, aroma. We know that our dedication to sourcing, hand roasting and blending 9 espresso blends that contain anywhere from 6 – 12 different origin coffees is what sets Milano apart for coffee lovers. On a world standard, artisan crafted, genuine Italian espresso is considered the best in the world. Milano wants to bring you the best of the best.

Milano is a fervent supporter of small farm estate and certified organic coffees. Although we first rate coffee by cup quality, at any given time there is up to 70% certified organic coffee beans in each of our blends.

Drip and French Press: Brewed coffee blends that will Surprise you

Our Drip and French Press coffees are the perfect example of the fusion of Italian and westcoast coffee traditions. At Milano Coffee we put the same due diligence and profound passion for blending into our brewed coffee blends as we do for our world-class espressos. By using up to 11 beans in a blend, our dark, medium, organic, and decafs deliver a superior coffee experience and flavours found nowhere else in a brewed coffee blend.

At Milano we always keep our eye on the prize, never blend down to a price!